09 September 2009

Oh dear. It's really been over 3 months since I've posted?!

Yes. It has.

This is terrible! I totally made the resolve to post once a day, and here we go...my typical dwindling. Although, I don't think I have very many people reading....hmm wonder why Jana?!

Anyways, I really hope to get going again...as I will hopefully have some new stuff to blog about! The summer FLEW by..and I miss it but I am way too excited about fall to really miss it that much :)

This weekend, I'm taking some of my favorite girls, and we're going to Rathdrum, Idaho for the "Vintage Barn" Antique Show. I can't even express in words how excited I am!

I can spot at LEAST 10 things I'd buy in that picture alone, and there are over 40 vendors. Oh dear. Guess its a good thing we're bringing Tanner's truck! Poor guy, apparently he had forgotten we were taking it until last night. I could sense the hesitation in his voice, so I told him I would protect it with my life; do you know what he said?

"I'm not worried about you doing anything to it, I just want to make sure you'll be safe" Be still my heart...I LOVE my husband! Ain't he a looker....... ;)

Its funny how some days, I just wake up loving him more than I ever have, and I wonder if that will ever go away. I don't think it will. I love the fact that I still get butterflies thinking about him. I'm SO GLAD that God put him in my life!

Anyway! So I'm looking mainly for a plank top farmhouse table for the kitchen this weekend. If I can find it cheap enough, I'll just get it there, and if not, Tanner will build it for me! Isn't he sweet?

Girls, let me tell you, I thought it would be SO easy to find some tables for inspiration on the net, but I am having a tough time! Here are a few that will show you the rough idea that I have in mind.

I say, the more rough, uneven, and distressed on top, the better! CAN I GET AN AMEN!?

I think it goes against every fiber of Tanner's being to do this! haha. I can't decide whether I want it all white, or leave the top wood and the bottom white and chippy...I guess we'll just have to see if I can find anything this weekend!

I really hope that if I start writing more, I'll have more followers! Is that shallow? Maybe ;) But I can't help it! I've sold most all of my stock from Twig, save for a few big and small items, so I'm just trying to decide if it's worth my time to keep doing it. It's such a good winter project! My problem is that I tend to want to keep what I refinish or find. Hard to part with some of that stuff!

Well, I'll keep it short for today...I bought a small cottage chair for 10.00 at a garage sale about a month ago, and I plan on painting it soon. I will post pictures!

Later gators ;)

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