14 October 2012

Twig has moved!! {+ an ANTHRO giveaway!}

Hello everyone!! It's been awhile...probably about 2 years actually.  I'm still doing the Vintage Whites Market -- going strong actually!  Since we last met, the market has been named one of the top 25 flea markets in the United States for 2 years running by Romantic Homes magazine.  We've been named one of the best vintage sales from coast to coast by Flea Market Style Magazine, and are contributing for Folk Magazine!

Considering we started out in a garage with five vendors, just to see how it would grow, I'm pretty excited!

We've also added a market in SALT LAKE CITY in March 2013!! If you're reading this from SLC, we are interested in finding vendors, teachers, and sponsors for our event.  Contact us at thevintagewhitesmarket@gmail.com for an application!

Anyway, I say all that to tell you that I'm no longer going to be blogging at Twig.  I'm blogging with my business partner at:

I hope you'll follow me there....here's a peek at some of the projects we've worked on so far! PLUS, if you head over there now, you'll find a post for a $100 ANTHROPOLOGIE giveaway! It ends on Oct. 22nd, so make sure to get your entries in!!

Thanks for sticking with me all these years...can't wait to reconnect with you!!!

XO, Jana

23 June 2011

Pinup Competition Photo Shoot

I had the privilege of shooting the winners of our town's pinup contest during Rods & Rails - a very fun vintage car show.  

I had NO idea they would go all out like they did.  Just LOOK at how beautiful the winner was!!! And the pompadour wasn't even going to enter the contest -- but we convinced him and he won! Apparently he dresses like that every single day.  I love it. 

02 May 2011

Simply the Sweet Life Magazine Launch PARTY!

Sorry about the late notice -- but if you're not doing anything at 7 PM TONIGHT (And if you are, well, drop what you're doing hehe)  join us on TWITTER for the Spring issue LAUNCH PARTY!  There will be lots of great giveaways, tips, tricks, and more! You won't regret it! 




22 April 2011

A Day in the Park...

Hello!  It's really ME!  Life has changed so much since I last blogged.  Lets see here:


I'm doing my event styling here (and Rae is continuing in Montana) and some photography!

Wyoming is WINDY.  Not liking that so much.

Tanner is working as a pressure tester on natural gas rigs.  Beyond that, not really sure what it means I know he comes home with muddy boots and smells like exhuast.  :)

The town I am in (Rock Springs) has an AWESOME historic downtown with lots of vacant buildings and architectural salvage!

We're considering a Vintage Whites Market here next year! eee!

I'm so glad to be back..blogging that is.  I missed it.  I'm freaking out a little as I realize how many posts I have to catch up on.  THREE months worth.  Yikes!  I've missed you ALL!

Rae, my lovely friend and business partner, is going to be blogging here as well -- showing off design inspiration and posts for the kiddos.  Her daughter Luisa (or as we affectionately call her, LuLu) is just beautiful.  

And speaking of kids, I did my first photo shoot last weekend with two adorable kids and three adorable chicks!!  I'll leave you with pictures of that for now.  I can't wait to get connected again.


 ||  S e e           G R E G         s m i l e  ||

SEE     G R E G     B  R  E  A  K       H    E    A    R    T    S

L         O         V         E.

His sister is no different.  Beautiful and radiant in the sunshine!

 The baby chicks were so adorable and cuddly!



03 January 2011

New Years Party

We spent New Years decorating a fabulous wine bar in Whitefish, Montana for their biggest party every year.  Our palette was white, grey, & silver.  There was a ton of glitz, a ton of glam, and even disco balls. We had a blast! 

The main event of the night was a fantastic DJ and band named Firefly.  With all the dancing, we had to make sure most of our decor was up high and out of the way.

For one of our main focal pieces, we created a multi dimensional bubble chandelier to accent the Champagne Room -- a favorite spot tucked away with comfy seating and romantic lighting.

During the night, the track lighting was focused on this piece - making it a beautiful source of light.

For the main room, we implemented a few simple elements to make the room pop without taking away from the dance floor. 

A curtain of crystals, silver, clear, and glittered ornaments hung from tulle and grey fabric to catch light from the disco balls.

We also hand dyed fabric using the ombre technique to achieve a gradation of dark grey to white to hang as panels above the seating area.

To carry the fun, sparkling essence of champagne throughout the venue, we created a piece of art on an 8' sheet of plywood that held quotes from Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and other great figures in history.  We wanted this to be a very fun piece, and something people would actually read while mingling and enjoying the last of 2010.

"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars." is our favorite.

To finish the look, we added tinsel, silver trees, and to top it all off -- 2 disco balls that made everything sparkle.

We hope your New Years eve was full of fun, looking ahead, and resolution for 2011.  Cheers!

14 December 2010

Christmas Portraits

I had the awesome privelege to take pictures of some good friends of ours.  I really wanted to show them to you -- such a cute family!!!

13 December 2010

Winner of the Bon Bon Charms "Etched on my Heart" necklace

I just learned what the button "print screen" does, so forgive me if you recieve a barrage of random posts titled "what I'm looking at RIGHT NOW." hehe.  Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, here's what I was looking at while I chose the winner of the giveaway that Erica from Bon Bon Charms so awesomely and graciously hosted!

The comment that was picked by Random.org is

#56:  Jenn from Lipstick & Laundry

Jenn has some really cute tutorials on her blog...I love her primitive candy canes!

Congratulations!  Contact me and we'll get your gift all set up :)