02 May 2011

Simply the Sweet Life Magazine Launch PARTY!

Sorry about the late notice -- but if you're not doing anything at 7 PM TONIGHT (And if you are, well, drop what you're doing hehe)  join us on TWITTER for the Spring issue LAUNCH PARTY!  There will be lots of great giveaways, tips, tricks, and more! You won't regret it! 





Anne Marie... said...

my daughter & I came up with a new line of fun products called 'the sweet life'...so I like the name of your magazine

I don't twitter though- bummer!

Samantha2818 said...

Hey Jana,
where are you?
Come back - I miss your zany sense of humour!
Hope all is good with you,
Sam x

Teresa said...

I just found the magazine...love it...so many creative gals!
Happy Day
and your vintage market...holy cow...why is everything good so far from me =(

erte said...

Thanks for sharing the article!! I will read your magazine because I love reading. Dear can you suggest me best new year eve party nyc. I am looking the place for my sister.

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