24 May 2010

On June 19th...

You are invited to a wonderful, fun filled market tucked away in the mountains of Northwestern Montana.  Do you enjoy vintage goods at low prices?  So do we, so come down and check out our fun, handpicked and handmade selection of merchandise at the Vintage Whites Market!

(but wait there's more....)

That's just what I feel like I should say after that pitch!  Just kidding.

But it would be lovely to meet you!  Make sure to get there early as the best stuff sells quickly!

Pictures were taken by Jen Arterbury of Kalispell, Montana.  She does great work!

The dates for our remaining summer markets are:

June 19th
July 3rd
August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
Lots of good opportunities to head out!

I love that little frame! I've used it so much and in so many places.  There are so many uses for an empty white frame!

I really loved the relationships and conversations between customers and vendors!

That dresser is soooo lovely. 

Tanner and I custom make these cute flower displays using a piece of barnwood and test tubes. 

ADORABLE.  She got the cutest little watering can!

MMM.  Nuff Said.

The lace lampshades that Vanessa does are so cute!

Mandy makes adorable wallets and other beautifully handcrafted goodies...

This is Sandy of Sweet Notions.  She makes all the yummy baked goods and pillows like the one on my last post...

Flanders Field Soap Company handmakes goats milk soaps to benefit soldiers.  They smell and feel wonderful and are free of anything that would cause skin irritations or allergies like some soaps...

Vanessa hanging our lovely apron banner. 

We hope to see you on June 19th, or any of the dates listed above!  Help spread the word by grabbing a VWM button (you should see it at the top right hand side of my blog).  You can contact us at thevintagewhitesmarket@gmail.com to inquire about market information or if you'd like to become a vendor!  Thanks for reading! 

21 May 2010

Who's going to the Farm Chicks Show?

This is going to be a very short post. No pictures.  Just one question, and it's an important one. 

Who's going to the Farm Chicks Show? 

I'm cooking up something special if I have enough readers who are going...so make sure and let me know! 

Ok maybe just one picture...

Made by Sandy Hohf of Sweet Notions, and will be available in my Etsy this next week!

17 May 2010

The Vintage Whites Market

Good morning everyone!  I'm still reeling from Saturday's market.  It was incredible!  Amazing finds, great prices, awesome foods, and so many wonderful people to meet!  This is definitely what gives me energy.  I think I've found my dream job....

Friday night, I painted, sanded, sprayed, sewed, and loaded up a ton of stuff. Tanner helped me so much! He's such an awesome hubby!  I couldn't sleep, so I was up until 4:30 sewing flowers and pillows.  I thought about just staying up until 6 but....those 2 hours of sleep came in handy...

Saturday, after a big ol' bagel with cream cheese, I loaded up the last little bit of stuff and headed over to the market.  We still had a few last minute things to do.  We hung our banner, drove the truck out to the road for display and put on our cute aprons!  Vanessa's mom made her some bloomers and wow...I really want a pair!  They were SO cute!

We had an amazing photographer come out for an hour in the morning, her name is Jen Arterbury.  If anyone in Montana is looking for an awesome photographer, look her up!

She will have her pictures ready for us sometime this week, but I can't wait to show you pictures!  Here are a few that I snapped with my camera during the day.  Please spread the word about the VWM to anyone you know who would be interested in coming! If you are interested in being a vendor, our vendor form is available at the website.  Just click here! No booth fee, no long term commitment, convenient set up and clean up times, and pretty much the best location ever ;) 

I also want to thank Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, Karen from Sue Bees and Butterflies, and Maria from Dreamy Whites for featuring the market on their blogs.  I feel so happy to call you guys friends!  If anyone else posted about it and I didn't see, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We had people come from Wallace, ID.  That's about 3 hours from us!  They read our feature on Maria's blog Dreamy Whites!

They were such a sweet family!  So glad we got to meet them!

Sweet Notions, our resident baker/master sewer was a total hit with both the customers and those of us who had to sit right next to them.  Lets just say I spent some of my profit on cupcakes, brioche with nutella...and a cake....which I had for breakfast yesterday.  That's just how I roll. 

Our vendors brought so much wonderful merchandise!  We all made sure to shop first...of course ;)  Look what I found to add to my collection!

Aren't they adorable?!  I'm up to 6 now...I'm hoping to find enough to line my bathroom window with them like in Flea Market Style Magazine.  Figures....  They've got so many good ideas!

Vanessa redid this dresser.  Don't you just love the patina?!  I think the colors are so wonderful and coastal!  I wish I had a seaside cottage to put this in :)

Beautiful lampshades...

This is one of the pillows I made.  I will list it on Etsy today.  Currently, its on my couch ;)

Everyone brought all sorts of cool stuff!

These went really fast...and I helped ;)

And since I obviously have it in pictures, here's the finished product from this post...

Our radio cabinet is now a full wine bar!  Wine racks on the bottom, a drawer for glasses, and an upper cabinet for your linens, wine charms, etc.  I think it turned out beautiful! 

I'll save the rest of my pictures for another post when we get Jen's pictures back.  I am so excited about this, and if anyone that came is reading this...THANK YOU and see you June 19th!

14 May 2010

Flea Market Style inspired lighting

The Radio Cabinet Redo, part 2 is going to have to wait until Monday.  Someone (not naming names) forgot to bring his tools home last night! 

 I considered using a serrated knife to cut the wood with but apparently that doesn't work so well?  Hmm. 

Hey, beavers use their teeth right?  Maybe I should have gone that route. 

Or maybe I can just learn to be patient. 


So all of you have seen this, I'm assuming.  It's in the drop dead gorgeous funnel section of Flea Market Style Magazine. 

I have been drooling over this since I first saw it.  It's industrial.  It's farmhouse-y, its galvanized.  It's not 600.00. 

I decided to make my own version this past week, and I only spent 20.00!

First of all, I found an old funnel.  This was the only part that was challenging!  I ended up scoring one on ebay for 3.00... it's actually an old fuel filter.  It still had a screen in it, so I just took a pair of snips and some pliers and pulled it right out!

Then I bought a mini pendant light kit.  I looked all over for a wiring kit but no such luck.  The mini pendant kits are 17.00 at Lowes.  Home Depot has some, but they're very modern looking, and not as easy. 

The pendant kit I got was black, but for some reason has a picture of a silver one on the front.  Interesting. 

At the top of the pendant, unscrew the bolts, and take off the top.  Thread your wires through the opening on the funnel, and then put the top back on.  You can put a little silicon on the bottom part so that it adheres to the funnel, but I just left mine loose so that if I ever wanted to change it, I could.
Here's what the inside of the funnel should look like...

Now you're ready to just screw in your lightbulb, wire it in, and go!

My 20.00 funnel light...love it!

Well, I am off to put some music on the old ipod for the market tomorrow!  I can't believe it's here already!!!  Expect a fun post coming soon!!
Have a great weekend everyone...

13 May 2010

Radio Cabinet Redo, Part 1

Hi everyone!  So excited to see so many new faces!  I thought I'd share a project I've been working on with Tanner for the last couple days. We're not done yet, hence the part 1 dealy-do. 

I bought this old radio cabinet for next to nothing, and decided it needed a new purpose.  Not that the whole radio thing wasn't cool but....my radio is now is literally like
3'' x 1 1/2''. 

Check out that awesome speaker carpeting! Reminds me of this...

Anyway...I totally know exactly what we're going to do with it!  I think I'll save that for part 2...

We figured the carpeting had to go...so I got to go in from the backside (which is totally open right now...a huge reason why it was so cheap) and rip those suckers out.
I didn't expect this...although I totally should have...

Lets count the spiders together!  1....2....66....

So I had to get past that whole....situation...

That's just ONE corner of ONE drawer, mind you.  I don't want to talk about the ones I found with my hand while painting. 

So after my blood pressure went back down, I realized that next came sanding.  Sandpaper is one of those things in life that I can't even think about without getting goosebumps.  I've got them right now just thinking about it!!!

Needless to say, it takes me a VERY long time to sand anything.  Tanner helped me, and by the time I got done with one side, he had finished the other sides haha.

Like my method of sanding?  Circles...then some straight lines...and a nike swoosh....
But ta-da!  It still gets done!

Minus the creepy speaker carpet!!

So now that the horrible little 8-legged skeletons are out of it, it's all sanded down, and ready for a fresh coat of paint....I'll leave you with a sneak peek & see you tomorrow with the finished product. ;)  Can you guess what it's going to be?

07 May 2010

Vintage Whites Market Projects...

Happy Friday everyone!  I thought I'd share a couple of things I've been working on over the past week.  This would probably have taken normal people a few hours to do all of it, but hey...I'm slow.

And easily distracted...

Anyway...Here's the first thing I finished...what do you think?

I used some remnant fabric, and this awesome khaki colored denim.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I have about a zillion more to make before next Saturday...yikes....

Oh, and if you're interested in purchasing one of these, they are 20.00!  Just shoot me an email :)

Next up is another pillow (I know....you should see the puncture wounds on my hands.  I don't sew.  I literally have only sewn like 4 times.  Thimbles don't fit on my fingers...and unless they make entire thimble GLOVES, its not going to help anyway.....)

That makes me picture a knight sewing...with an apron on and a glass of chardonnay...only he can't drink it because his mouth guard thing is in the way...

Note to self:  Get more sleep and stop sewing until midnight...and stop eating cereal for dinner.

I used part of a really pretty vintage handkerchief, and made some ruffles and rosettes.  I wouldn't  be sad if this didn't sell....haha

Some more pretty little rosettes I'll make into a necklace....

Another pillow with a little ruffle detail at the bottom...

and a sign that I like to refer to as my illegitimate love child.  I recklessly entered into a relationship with a paintbrush and not a thought as to where the letters would go...

Thus producing something that I love, but always look at as something I wish I would have thought about a little more before making haha.  That's just wrong.  I hope I didn't offend anyone hahaha.

Tanner suggested that I put an apostrophe between the 'cre' and the 'ek' just to close the gap that makes Lauren Hutton's look like a sliver...sorry Lauren.  Here's a little closer look at my special child.

Vanessa and I took an evening this week to decorate her garage and to work on a couple joint projects. I just can't believe our market is 8 days away.  I am so excited! 

We hung burlap, windows, hydrangeas, chandeliers, and a few other special touches involving book pages and repurposed doilies...


And these beauties....well, they're just adorable.

You never know what you might find...

Well, Tanner and I are headed to Spokane for his birthday!  We finally get cheaper car insurance, thanks honey!  It's like a present for our budget! haha.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend....any fun plans?