11 November 2010

A Special Announcement...

Those of you who wanted a Vintage Whites Market Christmas.....you got it!  We have decided to host a 3 hour Christmas Bazaar on December 4th from 3-6 PM.  Visit our website at www.thevintagewhitesmarket.com for more information!!!  Can't wait to see you there!!

08 November 2010

Station 8 Antiques Christmas Open House!

This Saturday I went to Station 8  in Columbia Falls, Montana for some Christmas fun!  You might recognize the name from The Farm Chicks show this year -- they had a beautiful booth!  Certainly my favorite antique store in the area! 

See that luscious chair?  I bought that.  I love it.  LOVE.

05 November 2010

Christmas Inspiration: Outdoors

After doing some special Christmas images for our market, I got inspired to do something fun outdoors.  This is not the finished product, I am just not patient enough to wait to show you!!  Tanner built the mantle with some trees we had laying around the property, and I think he did a great job! 

Christmas is such a fun time of year, and usually I'm in no rush to see it come.  This year is SO different. I'm already envisioning roasted chestnuts, warm wool socks, lots of good Christmas music from Sufjan, and all the other fun things that come with making it such a special time of year. 


04 November 2010

Gifted:: A holiday Ezine to inspire

If you aren't familiar with Creature Comforts, please go visit!  An amazing blog full of wonderful photography, crafts, design & inspiration. 

Ez recently released a beautiful free holiday Ezine which you can visit here!

Perhaps the most exciting news out of this, was that my new friend (& photographer extraordinaire) Kelli has a feature!  Her winter wonderland photography is enthralling.  The styling was done by Vanessa with ButterflySPARKS & it is to die for! 


02 November 2010

Cardio Workout Playlist

I need your help.  I have not worked out consistently since...oh.....high school sports.  Yeah, that long ago.  Working out and I usually don't get along very well. I tend to have bad things happen like knee injuries, intentionally NOT going because I have better things to do (like anything other than physical exercise), montlhy womanly things falling out onto the treadmill...no joke.  That happened during a basketball game in high school too...no one could figure out what was laying on the floor, or who it belonged to (THANK GOODNESS).  Poor janitor..... 

Anywho,  I've decided to jump in.  I started last night, and it was great to have Tanner there to motivate me.  We may be going to different gyms and I know that once we start that, I'm going to need some music to keep going.  I've started a playlist but would love ANY input from you guys.  Normally, I love music like I have on my blog playlist, but my workout music should be VERY upbeat.  I'll post what I have so far so you can get an idea.  I can't WAIT to hear your suggestions!

1.  Like a G6 - Far East Movement

2.  Sexy Chick - David Guetta Ft. Akon

3.  She Wolf - Shakira (I know, I know...but it's catchy!)

4.  Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

(Note:  Do not play this twice at a cowboy bar in Montana.  You may be forceably removed.)

5.  Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida ft. David Guetta

6.  Summer Love - Justin Timberlake

7.  California Girls - Katy Perry

8.  Tik Tok - Ke$ha

(Here's to hoping this workout will help me wake up in the morning feel like P. Diddy...)

9.  Just Dance - Lady Gaga

10.  In My Arms (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) - Plumb

11.  Call on Me - Eric Prydz

(It doesn't even matter that its the same three words the entire song.  The beat makes it amazing.)

12.  Superstition - Stevie Wonder

Writing's on the wall...

13.  Are you Gonna be my Girl - JET

14.  Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

15.  Swing - Savage

(DISCLAIMER: naughty words alert in this one... haha)

Ok, thats all I have right now.  So start digging through those cds... looking through your Ipod list... and give me some suggestions!  I'm counting on you for motivation... ;)