14 September 2009

My home is a little bit heavier now!

I'm back from the Vintage Barn show! Hands down, one of the most fun things I've done all year. And guess what?! I found a table!! It was one of the first things I spotted, and it was BELOW the price I was hoping to spend. I a......you know what? I should really start from the beginning..... ;)

So we left out after work on Friday, and headed for Sandpoint, ID; a town about 45 minutes from the show. It was quite a fun car ride, and I always look forward to the conversations that take place. It's one of the best ways to bond that I can think of! We got into town pretty late, but decided to watch a movie. I think it was called Northanger Abbey? Yep, just googled it. Anyway, I'm not really a fan of Jane Austen movies...partly because I have never read or seen any of her work, and partly because I hate having to put on subtitles when I do watch. But this one was surprisingly good! So maybe after all, I just need to broaden my horizons....

Morning came pretty early, we were up at 7 and out the door by 7:45ish. After grabbing a hot cup of joe and some pastries, we started our journey. Each of us ran through our lists of what we needed to buy but after getting there, they pretty much went out the window ;) (Oh, do you like my polka dot tote? I got that at Montana Coffee Traders....I LOVE IT!)

The line was quite a bit longer than we had anticipated but it was well worth it. I didn't think about bees beforehand, and I am DEATHLY afraid of them. I think I'd rather be attacked by a bear. With a gun. Yes, a bear with a gun. (Its Monday and I didn't have coffee.....)

As soon as I started shopping, I had to stop for a minute and just soak it in. The sun was shining, I had a good cup of coffee in my hand, my friends with me, and an awesome bluegrass band playing in the background. A couple deep breaths later, I started on the mission.

The first booth we came to that I really noticed (and kept going back to!) was June bug. I told the girls before I got there that I really wanted "stuff with letters and numbers on it" and this is where I found it. Chairs, burlap treasures, trinkets, rusty wire, chippy paint.....oh my. It was my favorite booth! You should definitely check out her blog.

About 5 minutes after that, I spotted my table underneath an array of flowers and glass domes and some very "Anthropologie" inspired decor. It was wood on the top, distressed from years of love, and the bottom was a greyish-blue color. Perfect! I sprinted around the rest of the show just to make sure, and then raced back to claim it. I was so happy I found it right away, because I felt like I could actually take my time and enjoy the little purchases for the rest of the day :)

Yes, I took a picture of myself.
I came away with an apple bucket, a wire locker basket (FINALLY!), a metal scoop for my potpourri, and Ally, one of my best friends bought me one of these cute little nests from The Rusty Bird. This gal creates these unique pieces that really look amazing. She's so talented! And she's gonna be at the Country Living Fair so if you're going, check her booth out!

We had a little run in at the end of the day between Mandy and another shopper that had apparently been sold something Mandy had already purchased. Poor Mandy held her ground though and after confirming with the vendor, she came out victorious. The rest of us girls were ready and waiting to ruffle our feathers if need be though ;)

On the way home, we stopped by my mom's house (youd have to see it to believe this house. She is just amazing in her decor. I'll try and get her to take some pictures!) and I picked up an old church pew that was sitting in her shop waiting on me. Its going against the back wall in the 2nd living room (we don't really know what to do with that space...it has a fireplace but its in a really random spot, so we call it the 2nd living room).

Anyway, we got home, said our goodbyes, and I got all my goodies unloaded and set up. Its not totally finished, in that I want to repaint the chairs, get a different bench for the table (or modify the one in the picture) and get all decorated for fall! That should be next week. I'm gonna leave the summery decorations up until after Vanessa's baby shower this weekend. Blues and greens will just go a little better with the summer decor I've got going on I think. I'll post a blog about the shower...it should be so exciting! I've had a ton of fun planning it. Well, I better get back to work, hope you all have a splendid Monday!


Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit and kind words, we are so pleased you enjoyed The Vintage Barn!!We love the Fall Shows and are so excited to be presenting our first Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market, October 2&3 in Spokane, Washington at The Charming 5-Mile Prairie Grange. We hope you can join us.....as I'm sure we will have more rusty, chippy, burlap and ####'s. Thanks again, Glad & Cel/Junebug

Robyn said...

ohhhh that photo of your finds just stopped my heart! I LOOOOOOOOVE all of it and that table is to DIE FOR! I would have fought a bear with a gun for it!