27 September 2009

Flauntin' my Haunts

I couldn't think of anything clever for the title of this entry....hhhhhh.

I'm not really flaunting, since I've been way impressed by all the blogs I've seen with Fall decor.  I am amazed!  You gals are SO talented.  Sorry for the camera quality, by the way.  Someday I hope to get a nice one.  Someday.....until now it's Picnik to the rescue!!  The only beef I've got is with my computer.  SLOW AS MOLASSES.  Frozen molasses, in fact.  Patience is a virtue.

So here's my cozy little home, all decorated up.  I'll probably decorate more, and as I do, I'll update pictures.

Oh, and I will most definitely post a tutorial for Gertie!!  Enjoy ladies.  Happy Fall!!!



Anonymous said...

Loved your photos, and loved those mountain views. Thanks for sharing.

Judy Rae said...

Love the pictures, especially the room with the oars and old window/door on the wall. We have high ceilings and as soon as we get rid of this false ceiling stuff (previous owners) I am so going to do the old window thing. I enjoy your blog.

~ RM said...

Ahh, you luck gal you. I would love to have a chandelier like that! :) And what a pumpkin patch. Hopefully we'll visit one soon. Your style is so comforting! It all looks great~

Twig - Love Your Home said...

Thanks! You will NOT believe where I got that chandelier.....Habitat for Humanity store for TEN DOLLARS! felt so lucky. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, ladies! Providing all the motivation I need to keep blogging. Love you all already! :D

a little bit vintage said...

You have SUCH a cute home! LOVE the window above the FP! I have an obsession with vintage windows! ;)


Vintage Junky said...

Love all the fallness! I need to catch up with all of you... I have zero! Yours looks great!


Samantha2818 said...

I am SOOOO jealous of where you live!!
Love the framed witch picture and the head on a plate - I may have to pinch those ideas for my Halloween party. The local kids expect me to come up with something new every year. We turn our front garden into a graveyard and add a new grave every year - I told the kids once that we bury whoever knocks on our door with the worst costume each year! They know I'm kidding by the way x

Anonymous said...

I love every picture! Your camera works Great!
I tried to pick out one pic to comment on
but I just love them all! Happy Fall! :)Dina

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

just found your blog- love it!! your style is awesome!