07 April 2009

Our Kitchen Remodel....

Wow 2 posts in one day...I'm starting to impress myself! :)

We have been slowly remodeling parts of the house...but this one has turned into my absolute favorite so far.

We did this on a budget of about $300 dollars, and actually ended up spending less! Tanner knocked out the original panels and replaced them with beadboard...and then added the crown molding to the top and bottom of the cabinets..as well as the small wainscoating on the top near the ceiling. He did an excellent job and this was such a fun weekend project!

The original wood was so dark and gloomy. It made the kitchen feel dirty even when it was clean! I love the openness of the white!

The pendant lighting is quite "jimmy-rigged" if you will. The lighting I wanted from Pottery Barn was unfortunately way too expensive....

We ended up just purchasing some bathroom vanity globes at lowes (3.99) and the pendant lighting kits (12.99 or so) and my husband siliconed them to where they would stay. It works for now! We'll have to see if it lasts....also, if you plan on doing this, you might want to consider very low wattage bulbs as it get very very bright if you dont!! :)

The pendant lighting added some much needed character! I have 2 cabinets that will be glass fronted that I need to do something with...any ideas???

Anyways, its far from being decorated, but here's a picture just to get an idea!


(Sorry about the "warm glow" on the camera..its currently broken
and desperately in need of help...:) )

Eventually, I'll be getting new appliances. The dishwasher doesn't work.....(unless you want to count me, who actually does work..full time...and hates coming home to wash dishes! :) )

We are decided on a countertop as well, we do want tile, I just have a problem with textures, so I want something I can touch! (I HATE sandpaper...with a burning passion).

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auntieang said...

this is beautiful! i've been trying to convice jeremy that we need to do the same thing to my kitchen ... i'm so excited to show your pictures to him ... :) Angie