09 April 2009

Lost, flaggers on Craigslist, and some other stuff.

Goooood morning.

First, lets start this off with a big "REALLY??!"

Really, guy who has nothing better to do than flag my posts on Craigslist? Really?! Ugh. I dont know if you've ever posted to craigslist before, but it takes about 3 years to get your post on there. Add another year if you have to post any pictures!

I finally decided to post an ad on craigslist to sell some of the furniture we make, and about 10 minutes later, I got a "flagged and removed" email. How annoying! It's not like I'm a scammer, I'm not a nigerian prince asking for your address and social security number....

Anyways, its not that big of a deal, but I had to rant. Ok, obviously its affecting me quite more adversely than previously thought :) Lets move on to a different topic, shall we?

Ok....LOST! A topic that will instantly cheer me up! Last nights episode was amazing beyond measure. One of my favorites so far. So I don't run the risk of spoiling anything, I'll just say this. Bravo, Michael Emerson, bravo. Great performance.

So I've been really into owls lately. I'm on a mission to find a really cute clutch/tote/checkbook cover/ipod case that has an owl on it. Here are a few I like so far. Which one do you guys like?

OH! I almost forgot! Last night, guess what Tanner brought home??? Well, wait, lets start this a little differently. Tanner works for a place called Servicemaster, where he works in fire/water/disaster restoration in homes. One perk of this job is that if the homeowner doesn't want something -- even if it works perfectly -- he can choose to take it home! So anyways, last night, he showed up with a brand new stainless steel gas range/oven and a stainless steel refridgerator!!! It had some minor fire damage so we tried to clean it up.

We used:

- Vinegar and salt on a rag. (we were both gagging and decided to NOT use this anymore)
- Comet and some hot water and sponges (this worked really well, although I think my skin is a
little burned......hmmm).

We also bought some stainless steel cleaner at Home Depot last night too to try. Hopefully it works....

We actually got it moved into the house, mostly all Tanner -- poor guy...before we decided to go buy a dolly. HOLY MOLY THEY ARE EXPENSIVE! So we got it into place, took all our food out of the old one, plugged in the new one only to find out that there is an incessant beeping noise. It won't quit!

Tanner looked online and found out that it is the door alarm that tells if a door isn't shut properly...but they are...so tonight Tanner is going to go all Oceans 11 on it and see if he can disable the alarm. woohoo! I love my husband.

Anyways, I'll leave you to digest all this now. I'm going to eat my turkey sandwich and scheme about what to blog next.

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