08 April 2009

Our Anthropologie-inspired tables

Good morning everyone!! This post might be a little sporadic, as I suspect that the lady at the coffee stand gave me 2 shots of espresso instead of 1. This is why I don't normally drink coffee. Ugh.
On the bright side, I am probably typing 10 WPM faster than I normally do! haha. Well, I thought I'd post our latest tables that we made for Twig today. I want them sooo badly to go in my bedroom but we'll see....they are quite a challenge actually. I think Tanner was ready to kill me after he got done with them! :)

They are inspired by 2 different places actually. I first saw these tables on the Anthropologie website, but I didn't really like the dark patina or the shape (they're also $695.00....)...and then I did a search for DIY tables like that..and lo and behold, it led me to design*sponge. A great little blog with lots of inspiration and easy DIY projects! My husband took a look at them (after I had convinced him they were the best things ever) and we got to work the next day!

The cost of making these tables was quite a bit more than I had expected, but they are sooo worth it. So much character!! I added a little fleur de lys stencil inside each drawer, and in retrospect, I probably wouldn't have done the blue color....Oh well...

We delivered them to a customer in Missoula this past weekend, and she loved them! I'm so grateful for that as well, and I'm hoping she'll send me some pictures when she gets them all set up. She's going to use them as nightstands...so cute!! It feels AMAZING to be able to produce a product that someone instantly falls in love with. I am so happy and it has totally energized me for the projects to come! Poor Tanner..... :)

Anyways, without further ado, here are our "All The Trimmings" tables. :) Enjoy...and if you'd like to know about prices and ordering information, please email twigdecor@yahoo.com.

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