16 September 2010

Things Bloggers Do #9

9.  We keep the Dollar Store in business.

No seriously, we do.  Ask any good DIY blogger and they will tell you that the Dollar Store is where they  get 95% of their crafts. 

We can just go ahead and loop Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Home Goods into that category as well.  I don't even have a HomeGoods near me and I still love the place!

Our Dollar Store has like a bazillion things I can buy for just one dollar that I use all the time. 

Have you ever bought food from the Dollar Store?  I have.  It's the same!!!  Some candy is slightly less crunchy, but hey... it keeps me out of it. 

How about a pregnancy test from the Dollar Store?  I haven't done that, and I don't think I will.  Especially when they're up at the front register as an impulse item...

I often wonder about the random porcelain figurines at the front.  Who makes them?  How much must they be wholesale?!  I saw one that was a turtle on a lilypad with a...skyscraper backdrop.  I mean really?  Who does this? 

Whats that surprised look for?  I'm thinking someone just went to the bathroom.

I bought a spatula there the other day.  I used it and it melted before I even got it close to the egg I was cooking.  No joke.  Apparently it was supposed to be used as a disciplinary tool and not a culinary helper.  I contemplated still eating the egg that I had carefully seasoned and cracked, but I didn't like the idea of being a mutated superhero with a third arm.

I have a major beef with their feather boas as well.  I have purchased a few boas in my lifetime (for props, guys...for PROPS.) and all of them shed like CRAZY!  PETA would be after me for sure if they saw the aftermath that looks like carnage in the car once I get home.  No, I did NOT slaughter Big Bird.  

Who's excited for Thanksgiving?
Me too.

In fact, speaking of holidays.  Have you seen the collection of holiday decor at the Dollar Store?  Oh yes.  The fall leaves are in bloom, and just a little off hue.  I'm almost positive I've never seen any fall leaves the shade of robin's egg blue anywhere other than the Dollar Store.  And nothing says Christmas like Santa in leather. NO BUENO. 

Merry Christmas kids, sorry Santa burned out your retinas this year. 

And that compels me to show you the picture of the Chrismas cookie I made last year that turned out looking more like Steve Buscemi. 


Beth Rutter said...

Oh I have and will continue to buy pregnancy tests from the dollar store. After almost 3 years of trying we've exhausted our savings so spending a buck on something that I'll pee on, curse at and throw away is much easier than spending $12 bucks on one! I'm sure the women at the one I go to wonder about me though. The tests are behind the counter and you have to ask for them and I buy at least 3 at a time. They either think I'm easy or crazy.

I do wonder who their buyer is though, oh the tackiness!

lizibeth said...

oh. my. word! too funny!
I laughed 'till I cried. :D
It is an awesome place, but really - you HAVE to wonder sometimes.

Thanks so much for posting. you totally made my morning.

Katherine Barton said...

haha your pictures are great :) seriously though how do they afford to manufacture those figurine things? Who buys those!?

Angela said...

You're nuts!! but in a GOOD way!

Indigo Bleu Photography said...

Hysterical. So true! So true!

You buy stuff 95% of it that you don't need because it is a $1.