10 November 2009

I promise, I'm gearing up for a big post

Hi strangers!

Remember me?  The one girl that used to post regularly?  Yeah....we'll I'm still alive.  I have been hiding in the cave that IS my bedroom.  I feel like it could be on that Clean House show...all by itself.  Or, could have, rather.  This weekend, it took my mom, my friend Ally and I three days to clean it.  THREE DAYS!  We filled up almost 8 trashbags with donation clothes and GARBAGE.  Oh I'm so embarrased.  I am going to see if I can find a before picture for you somewhere.....it has been the bane of my existence since we got married!!  Ok well....I'll be posting that soon.  Along with a giveaway!  So get ready girls.......

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I found this picture of the "messiest bedroom" online...

Seriously, if this is our standard, most of us have nothing to worry about....

Ok look at the amazing bed hiding beneath all that crap!

I think Niecy would have a heart attack. 

02 November 2009

Christmas is coming....


It must be all the snow we've been getting, and the colder weather.

And also that I heard a Sufjan Stevens Christmas song the other day.

Before I dive head-first into Christmas...how was Halloween for everyone??

I decided the night before our party that I was going to be Rosie the Riveter.  Thank goodness it wasn't too hard to find a costume.  Phew. 

Our party was good -- we basically had a pot luck dinner (I made wassail!  It turned out amazing) and then we played Quelf.  Have you guys played this before????  Oh my goodness....you better play with a group of people you don't easily get embarrased around!!!

For example, one of my "stunt" tasks was to put one finger in my nostril, and then yodel as loud as I could while rolling the dice.  I had to keep doing this until I rolled a two....THREE times.  Oh boy...embarrasing!  But just absolutely hilarious.

This game is unlike any other I have ever played!  Their penalties are even one of a kind!  I read one that was "if you can't complete your stunt, sit underneath the table for the duration of the next round.  Act like a child."

Just unreal.  So we played that and everyone headed out, and we watched scary movies for the rest of the night!  I don't have individual pictures yet, but I will post our group photo.  See if you can find me.... :) 

Halloween was fun this year.  I'm still enjoying the pumpkins, the harvest candle, my ravens, and all the leaves, but.............

talk to me here, ladies.....

Anyways...chew on that for a little bit :) 

Photos from Country Living, Martha Stewart, and Flickr.