02 November 2009

Christmas is coming....


It must be all the snow we've been getting, and the colder weather.

And also that I heard a Sufjan Stevens Christmas song the other day.

Before I dive head-first into Christmas...how was Halloween for everyone??

I decided the night before our party that I was going to be Rosie the Riveter.  Thank goodness it wasn't too hard to find a costume.  Phew. 

Our party was good -- we basically had a pot luck dinner (I made wassail!  It turned out amazing) and then we played Quelf.  Have you guys played this before????  Oh my goodness....you better play with a group of people you don't easily get embarrased around!!!

For example, one of my "stunt" tasks was to put one finger in my nostril, and then yodel as loud as I could while rolling the dice.  I had to keep doing this until I rolled a two....THREE times.  Oh boy...embarrasing!  But just absolutely hilarious.

This game is unlike any other I have ever played!  Their penalties are even one of a kind!  I read one that was "if you can't complete your stunt, sit underneath the table for the duration of the next round.  Act like a child."

Just unreal.  So we played that and everyone headed out, and we watched scary movies for the rest of the night!  I don't have individual pictures yet, but I will post our group photo.  See if you can find me.... :) 

Halloween was fun this year.  I'm still enjoying the pumpkins, the harvest candle, my ravens, and all the leaves, but.............

talk to me here, ladies.....

Anyways...chew on that for a little bit :) 

Photos from Country Living, Martha Stewart, and Flickr.


Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and Wildflower Creative said...

Mmmm....lovely pics! I'm ready for Christmas, too. ;)


Laura Hooker said...

I wish I was so inspired ~ looks lovely!

~ Regan said...

I just can't WAIT for sweet Christmas decorating! I am practically busting at the seams with anticipation. Is it too early to start now?? Ugh. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait. Can you tell?? :P

Unknown said...

Bring it on...I am all about Christmas!! Lovely inspiration that's for sure!

Oh, and I love playing games at a party...such fun!

:) T

Samantha2818 said...

Your Christmas pics are gorgeous - I really fancy white and silver this year myself - something a bit more grown up than I've had for the last few years. Your game sounds hilarious - I love silly stuff like that!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Okay you are totally getting ME into the Christmas spirit and I didn't think that was possible. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous festive images:)

prashant said...

ovely pics! I'm ready for Christmas, too.

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