28 May 2009

Me vs. the Paint Can

Good morning! I just had to blog this morning to show you my impulse creation last night. I think I tend to do that alot....and the pieces that I just decide to do on a whim usually turn out the best :)
I got this awesome full-of-potential bench at a thrift store about 4 months ago...and its been sitting in the garage ever since. Poor thing....

Well last night I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint and some new fabric. Oh I can't wait to put this in the shop!
Also, I just wanted to comment on the fact that my mosquito bite has now turned into a full size flesh wound.....and now my summer legs (or, on their way to being summer legs, rather) have a nice big scab right on the front. Juuuuuust great. :)
Anyways, without further ado, our journey from gross bench to "yes I would like that featured on the front porch with some nice burlap pillows and a good book bench." Enjoy.
Before - a little 70's but look. at. that. potential.

So first off, gotta sand it down. Sandpaper is one of my worst fears in life. I hate the way it feels. Even as I type this, it is giving me goosebumps. But guess what, I actually sanded it!! Without gloves!!

Next came the fun part....ripping off that putrid orange fabric. It felt like animal fur...it really did. I was thinking...well, whatever is underneath can't be as bad as this....ha...ha...Guess Again!! Hello there, even more disgusting..wool (?) blend butt pads....hello.

This sparked a thought in my head about whose tush sat here before me. Then I stopped thinking about it really fast as all the possibilities started going through my head... and then I got back to mixin up my paint. I am usually really partial to white, but this time I decided to paint it black. Say whaaaaat?

Alright...without further ado, here is the almost done bench. I will put the fabric on tonight, but I just had to show you a picture with the finished product in mind! Let me know what you think! :) Oh and I'm gonna go back a few posts and put some pictures on the old posts as well. A really cute wire basket I got and another angle of our guest room.....thanks for reading!

19 May 2009

I am a passerby..half smile as you cut in line..

(Allie Moss - Passerby)

So, what should I have for lunch???

So few choices, and a dwindling appetite (and budget haha)...I guess I don't really care what I eat today!

So the last 2 weeks have been such a blur! 2 weekends ago, I went to the MOA meeting in Great Falls and did some optical education for work, which was actually great. I learned a lot and I'm pretty pumped up to take the test at some point!! I was hoping to do a little antiquing in Great Falls but I didn't have time.

Last weekend, we went to Boise for Cody's (Tanner's brother) graduation and what an awesome drive!! We drove through a canyon that had the most AWESOME little towns! Check out this cute church...

We stopped to sleep in McCall at our timeshare and that was a blast too....such a cozy little condo and the town wasn't half bad either :) I wish we had a little more time to spend there but little did I know, Idaho's Biggest Garage Sale was going on in Boise! haha

We got there at 7 AM and it was already PACKED. Tons of vendors and shoppers of all sorts. I was looking for some stuff for the house, namely a box with some print on it, but the only ones I found were out of my price range and no one was willing to come down. So after paying $3.00 to get in, and .50 for my item, this is all I bought....but i LOVE IT! It is now sitting on my recipe desk in the kitchen :) Oh, and guess who outshopped both me and my mother in law?? Tanner! He bought an office chair for like 5 bucks and a backpack for the same!

After that, we decided to go to a few other local garage sales, and lo and behold, I found my wooden box. For ONE DOLLAR!!! Oh, I was so happy. I also got a cute coffee canister and some alphabet disks for a cute halloween garland this year. I'm set! And I spent less than 10 bucks for it all. Soooo happy.

When we got home, our friend Matt who is leaving for a youth internship on Saturday came to stay with us for a couple days. We went rock climbing yesterday...

Until next time.....adios

12 May 2009

Oh my baby, don't forget you love me, don't forget you love me today

So what's new here.....Well, we redid the guest room finally!!! All we needed was the motivation of someone coming to visit. I love that we got to use all leftover materials!!! I had some grey paint and some white leftover. So there's a white chairrail trim up, and its white from there to the bottom, and the grey is on top. It looks so coastal! Which it seems is my newest trend in decor lately haha. I did stop by TJ Maxx to see if they had any starfish but I didn't luck out. :( I did get a really cute sign for the window that says "seaside - delightful days!"

I got an AWESOME wire "laundry" basket too that is in the bookcase in the guest room along with some baskets. I LOVE the textures together!! I think my decor is starting to mix with a ton of different styles which I don't know if that is OK or not....I wish someone would come visit and tell me! I've got a love for shabby chic, but not too much pink or roses or foo foo stuff...and then pottery barn....and then beach chic........oh dear :)

Well we have one day until the LOST season 5 finale! I can not wait. I had to call into customer service for dell for an hour today troubleshooting the computer, and I think I may have succeeded in hooking up my customer service rep from India with the show haha!! I just really hope that (I'm writing this next part in white font, because it does contain spoilers. Highlight it with your mouse if you want to read it). Kate doesn't screw anything up with Sawyer and Juliet. and I hope that she gets back with Jack. Can they actually even change the past? And Locke is freaking me out. Ugh. That is all :)

So onto the next topic.....I guess I don't really have much more to say! Except for my mom is at a flea market in Texas right now and I am SO JEALOUS!!!!! :)

I'll leave you with some amazing pics for your decorating inspiration......