29 March 2010

One Busy Bee..

Well,  I took the weekend and made some minor improvements in the living room and the bathroom...

The bathroom was....ehhhhh.

I decluttered, and Tanner painted and redid the trim in the bathroom.  It looks so much better now!

We figured that people would probably appreciate this cream color as opposed to the green that made everyone look like the Hulk...

we also spray painted our gold faucet with hammered silver spray paint.  I highly recommend.  It doesn't come off and looks like a new faucet!

All we need to do now is trim out the mirror and we're all set in here!

As for the living room,  you remember the before, right?

 I found a super cute chair at a garage sale that I will someday reupholster...bought some new springy fabric for the window seat, and added some cherry blossoms in with my awesome twigs. 

Oh, and instead of doing new carpet, we're going to get the old ones cleaned (might not do a darn thing...) and I got this nice plush rug to soften the blow of carpet so ugly it makes you wanna slap someone! ha.

I found some other really nifty things at garage sales....check out these handsome fellas...

I know......they're so darn cute! :)


(I put those asterisks in this post to signal a major topic change....)

What do you get when you cross a lot of prior built up major stress, a quiet Sunday afternoon, a friend up for a visit, and a sale on colored tights at Target?

I can't even tell you how much fun it was to make a fool out of myself in public.  Seriously....you should try it sometime.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Humiliate yourself.  Act like you're 9.  It will do you some good, guaranteed.


26 March 2010


I miss you.

I haven't written, and I'm sorry for the lack of inspiring posts. 

Remember a while back when I posted about how I wanted to simplify life

Well, I guess I need to be careful what I pray for sometimes.

We found out yesterday that we have 4 months to sell our house, or we foreclose.  We've been fighting for awhile to keep it, but it's just not happening. 

I have made peace with this decision, and even if it does foreclose, so what?  We still have each other, right?  I still have a solid foundation on my faith in Christ. 

We also found out that Tanner had some precancerous polyps removed, and had a huuuge scare there.  His liver enzymes are still abnormal, so next week will be back to the doctor to see what's really goin' on up in there.  One thing I know about this community of bloggers is that you really know how to love and care for people, so I would really appreciate your prayers...

....prayers for patience, PEACE, clarity, and for Tanner.  He's so strong emotionally but I know it has to be scary. 

I have been taking a few pictures around the house for the MLS listing and for...memories haha, so I thought I'd post a few here. 

To be honest, I'm really excited about finding an old farmhouse or downtown historic beauty to rent for awhile....

'Till Tomorrow....

04 March 2010

Twig on Facebook and the Vintage Whites Market

 Hey everyone!  Just a short post to remind you that Twig is now on facebook (become a fan over on the right side of this blog), and would love more fans! I decided to use that as more of an informational site on the Vintage Whites Market for this summer.  I'll be posting dates and times...and possibly even a giveaway on there later next week!  Please feel free to spread the word about our market, I'll make a blog button for it if you want....

  Stay tuned and thanks for being so amazing.  I can't wait for May 15th!

01 March 2010

The Vintage Whites Market...

Rarely do I want to get up early on a Saturday, but this weekend there was a mega garage sale at 2 antique stores in town!  So yeah, I got up early... :)

I spent under 40 dollars for the whole day and got so much cute stuff!  A wire planter basket, a cookbook, an old bread tin, a wooden letters game, a book, 2 hat boxes, a piano music roll, a dresser, a mirror, and a partridge in a pear tree!

I'd say it was a pretty awesome day!

So in Columbia Falls, a town about 15 minutes from me, there's this amazing antique store (pictured above) that is inside the town's original train station...!!  It was built in 1908, and has soooo much character.  It has original flooring and windows, and oh, it is just incredible.  I thought I'd snap some pictures for you to see!  So much fun!

The lighting alone is incredible, she has so many different chandeliers and lights on display, it gives it such a unique glow!

And here's the pretty gal that makes it all happen!

In other news, we did our little photoshoot.....and we came up with a name for our weekend extravaganza!

The Vintage Whites Market......

Its really hard to contain my excitement for this event...I don't know if I'll make it to May!

And I'm really sore from carrying all this stuff out to the barn yesterday!  Vanessa and I probably looked hilarious heaving a huge farm table over a fence, and carrying a bucket of vintage goods 1/4 of a mile down a walking trail...

I guess we could tell anyone who looked at us funny that we were training for a vintage relay team....Olympic sport?  I think so.

If you're in the Coeur D'Alene/Spokane/Missoula area and would like to be a part of our show, email me and let me know!  twigdecor@yahoo.com

And one last parting picture of my handsome hubby....;)

(I'm so loving this new camera, feel free to cyberslap me if I'm going overboard!)