21 September 2010

Anthropologie Giveaway Winner

Drum Roll?? 

DDDDDDDDDD.....Not the same without sound.  So no drum roll. 

The winner is:

She said:

"Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

Yay... im a NEW FOLLOWER of your blog.

I will also blog about it:


& I will still facebook about it too.

Name on facebook: Poor Pitiful Pearl

what a fun giveaway...

so glad I found your blog.

PIck me Pick me!!! eeeeeek

September 13, 2010 8:53 AM "
She makes amazing clothing...make sure to visit and check her out!
Email me to claim your prizes! :)  Thanks everyone for participating.  See you Thursday for Things Bloggers Do!


Dreamy Nest? {not!}* said...

I'm jealous... *pppffttt** :)

lizibeth said...

yay for her!
(and bummer for the rest of us)
thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!!! :)

Jenny said...

Woo hoo for Pearl!

Boo hoo for us!

Thanks for the fun.

Robyn said...

congrats! WAY TO GO PEARL!

Jaclyn Beith said...

Love your blog!!! <3


Sydney said...

Congrats PPP!

Green Pickles said...

Come on over to my blog as I'm having a GORGEOUS giveaway!



fairyrocks said...

So, I know about the lead poisoning scare...sort of , I refinished antique upright pianos for the better part of 10 years. All the work was by hand, hours of sanding in NOT the proper gear.
Lead stays in our bodies, I don't think there is a test for it till you are expired ( I plan on getting a full casket carry as I think I am full of lead) lol
On the other hand, I was watching a documentary about a sainted woman. Who's body is entombed,(and occasionally brought out for display)( I personally don't understand that practice, but I digress) she was old, but looked like she was a young woman...well turns out she was full of lead, which actually preserves you too...hows that for not gettin the lead out LOL