23 September 2010

Things Bloggers Do #10

10.  Chippy Paint.

WE LOVE IT. Well, I do anyway. It makes me so happy to get a piece of furniture that is totally chipped up and flaking off everywhere, and put it in my house. Nothing looks better!

I realized this as I was searching for a mantle that I loved.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Tanner is a little bit of a stud, and he can build things. He needs his own show, like Bob the Builder. Or Tim the Toolman, sans creepy grunting and accidents. (Am I the only one who couldn’t stand the theme song to Home Improvement?) Just to refresh your memory,

I had the biggest crush on JTT...

Anyway, back to the mantle. I realized that every single one I loved was chipped up and old looking. Here’s my favorite so far:

Chippy paint = happiness.

Chippy EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE = Overkill? Maybe. Possibly…

Chippy paint = old paint = lead.

Is it bad that I love it too much to care? Don’t tell me I’m alone here, I can guarantee each of you have at least one chippy piece that you love!

Perhaps a cabinet, perhaps a hutch……or perhaps a headboard like I had. A HEADBOARD. It was a thing of beauty, I tell ya. A chippy old door in all it’s glory, tucking us in every night….gently snowing flakes of lead poisoning on us while we were dreaming….

(That headboard is now a bench, after waking up several mornings with white paint in our hair, on our pillow……)

WebMD is the devil. Fellow ladies and gents, do not look up the symptoms of lead poisoning. They are basically the vaguest symptoms EVER. They’re pretty much the same symptoms as…things that happen in everyday life anyway….!!! I decided to look them up after sleeping under White Beauty for awhile, and my reaction went a little something like this…

So don’t look up WebMD. Maybe just remove the lead filled thing you’re sleeping under.

They should make a lead poisoning test similar to a pregnancy test. Same method….slightly less desirable result. Maybe they could sell them at the Dollar Store….


Anonymous said...

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Samantha2818 said...

I loved your headboard/bench - I've decided to make a headboard for Lily from an old door but plan on removing all the paint first and then doing an old chipped paint effect - lot of work but better that than give my daughter lead poisoning!
Pottery Barn also have a gorgeous chippy paint shelf for sale and I have been carrying a picture of it around with me as I want to make it and just looking at it makes me purr. My colleagues and friends know I'm a bit strange but I'm pretty sure they are beginning to think I am beyond help!
By the way, what was your birthday surprise?! Hope you had a lovely day,
~Sam x

lifeshighway said...

I have one chippy paint window that was converted into a mirror and I love it.

Chippy paint + toilet seat, not so much love. More likely, a trip to the hardware store.

Kiri said...

Too funny! But soo true! haha Have a good day!


Beth Rutter said...

This is so funny! Personally, I have to stay away from sites like webMD or I end up seeing the dr because I'm convinced I have prostate cancer or scurvy.

As for lead, I bet we're just as likely to get it from the chachkies from the Dollar Store as we are from chippy finds!

melody-mae said...

I had a smile on my face as I read your post...WEBMD is for the evil, I always think I have all the symptoms too1...better off not to look them up! LOL

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Love chippy paint, but cannot have chippy paint in my house with three little guys=)...And I think I have all of those symptoms anyway...hmmm...well, i do like to play with chippy paint items...hazard of the biz=)

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

this is hilarious! i have boycotted webmd...every time I get on there to see what my runny nose, cough and swollen glands could be i end up leaving their site thinking i have some kind of learning diability or std. not cool.

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{ the vintage wren } said...

This is hilarious, I always wonder about those old architectural pieces and lead poisoning. Your drawings are a hoot, love them. Take Care, Carrie

Anonymous said...

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Sheaozpl said...

this is hilarious! i have boycotted webmd...every time I get on there to see what my runny nose, cough and swollen glands could be i end up leaving their site thinking i have some kind of learning diability or std. not cool.