12 August 2010

Things Bloggers Do #5

5.  We. Get. Featured.

One of the coolest honors on blogland is to be featured on someone’s blog. It makes you feel all giddy inside like a unicorn on laughing gas. I’ve been featured on a few, and it totally made my day. I’d tell random strangers at work, “Hey guess what! I was featured on a blog today!”

They looked at me funny, and then I remembered that they are mere infants with no knowledge of the blogging world, reigning supreme at number 2. Then I shunned them.

Do you know what’s even cooler than being featured? Having an awesome button to show for it! There are those blogs out there that have like, a million “featured on” buttons. I would stand and applaud you, but no one is watching me do it so it’d be awkward and pointless…. but mentally, there’s a standing ovation going on. Starting with the slow build up clap and all.


I seriously want those buttons. Do you make them? Do they come in your email? If they did, I’d be waiting on them like the dad on Christmas Story waited for his leg lamp. You know how excited he was.

I bet a huge reason why people don’t have them very often is because it’s HARD to get all your information into a 125x125 box. This one is still a mystery to me. Its like me trying to fit into my size 5 jeans…it ain’t happenin.

I guess I do have one button I could make…

They’re like brownie patches. I was a brownie for a total of two weeks before I realized that my toys and being outside was way more fun. Also, I played with Hot Wheels when I was little. Only I didn’t race them. They got married and had babies. Shhh…I know…I know.

Anyway, they are like brownie patches. I love going to a person’s blog and being like.. wow, they have been featured on so many things! It’s a huge accomplishment, and I salute you for having amazing content that people want to share. I have found some of my favorite blogs this way.

(Not saying that if you don’t get featured, you’re not a great blog, because that’s certainly not true).

Everyone should have a “featured on” button. That’s why, today…I’ve decided to make a special FO (if you will) button for everyone who reads or comments on my post. Oh man, I know you’re just racing to the comment form right now ;) Go ahead, take that. It’s yours. Also, I’m shamelessly promoting my series. Tee hee.

Stay tuned for next week, as we discover the joys and the smell of burlap.

Say yes to the fist pump.


Sarah said...

I feel ashamed. I've never been featured. I'll keep my chin up and shamelessly insert hints in my posts that I want to be an accomplished blogger! I'm addicted to your things bloggers do...they're oh so true...and oh so embarrasing. You could do an entire post on how lovely is the #1 word bloggers use. Your such a lovely writer, I love your lovely design on your lovely blog.

Vintage Junky said...

this by far is the best of your series! love it!

Oh and I am totally stealing "giddy as a unicorn on laughing gas" I am going to throw that into my next conversation and they will think I am sooo clever ;o

Deb's mind said...

You are hilarious...and everything you say is sooooooooo true. Love it!!!

Cynthia said...

You are so hilarious!

I love reading these...brightened my afternoon.

So glad I found your blog ;^) Have a great day!

Cheyenne said...

Again, you are my favoritest! Evah!

Nancy said...

You crack me up! This was too funny. Sadly, I don't think I've ever been featured. How pathetic is that? Clearly a testimony of my crafting abilities!! lol!


KarenSue said...

You are soooooo cute! Only bloggers get this. I can see the look on peoples faces when they don't get it.
I love these posts!
Check out my blog and see what I did! I'm so excited.
Enjoy your day,

Ms. Bake-it said...

You crack me up! I am so lovin this series!

lifeshighway said...

I am a new fan and I love this series. I totally agreed. When I get featured, I call people, send out emails and walk up and down the hall at work claiming my victory like I am a blogging Olympian!

I love your button... is that too personal.

Jenny said...

I hope it's OK if I comment here since I've never been featured. At least with a button I can show for it.

Really funny post!