22 July 2010

Things Bloggers Do #2

#2:  Using nicknames for your family that they would loathe outside of blogland

What are yours? C’mon. Think of it right now, you know you have one! Or at least had before you realized it wasn’t cool anymore...

Lets look at the different types of blog nicknames to get a better understanding of the bloggers behind them.


I’ll be the first example. People who DON’T use nicknames. We’re the blogging equivalent of those people who let their kids run around in stores without knowing where they are. Or the ones who leave their debit card somewhere and don’t realize it until later (been there, done THAT).

Girls, we might as well be tattooing our routing number on our head if we don’t use nicknames. In fact, we should just use social security numbers for corresponding family members as nicknames.
....Just because I drew TWO pictures for this part...


Then, there’s the ever so common “Mr. T”

You first initialers, if you will, are just dipping your feet in. You’re ok with leaving mail lying around the house with your name on it in photos. You leave the occasional receipt sitting inside the gas station pump without turning around to go get it. You’re pretty fearless…but JUST IN CASE, you better mask your husband’s name for some family protection. Use the first initial of his real name so that blogland still loves you for being YOU. You’re the Wilson (from Home Improvement) of blogland.

Hidey, Ho Neighbor!


Finally, those of you who go all out. Those of you who make it absolutely impossible to know who your family is. You don’t even use your real family in pictures…but trust me, the neighbors are going to suspect your little “photo shoots” of their children after awhile…I’m on to you.

I used to refer to Tanner as Mr. Pickleshoes until he threatened to leave me…

Just kidding, I didn’t call him Mr. Pickleshoes. Truth is, I really don’t think that any of the people reading my blog are creepy pedophiles or serial killers. They have much better things to do like playgrounds….Yahoo! Chat rooms….more popular blogs like yours…. Tee hee.

You guys are PROTECTED. No person or spam organization is ever going to show up on your doorstep as a result of negligent name dropping on your blog. Bra-VO.

So as you can see, it just depends on which way you want to go. Do you want to wear a knight costume as you blog? Or do you want to give up your identity and become homeless? I report, you decide. Like Fox News, only not as “all up in your business.”


In case you missed last weeks “Things Bloggers Do,” you can click here! As always, none of this is meant to offend anyone. We all do these things, so why not laugh at them? Feel free to email suggestions for “Things Bloggers Do” to twigdecor@yahoo.com.



Samantha2818 said...

This is so funny! Well I guess I'm number 1 (better than being number 2!). You all know my name, birthday, my kids names, my dogs name, my sister's kids names.... If I give out my bank account number do you reckon someone may take pity on me and put some money into my account? Luckily I live in Wales where no-one else blogs (that I know anyway) so I can leave my door unlocked for at least a while.
Well, I'd better go as Mr Donkey ;) (in his dreams!) and my little pumpkins wants their tea (oh wait you already know I can't cook!).

Cathy @ The Far Fifty said...

I'm just starting out on my blog so I'm still a little wary of using names. So my husband is "the Hubs" and I thought about using "the Chubs" for my little baby but then I thought that was mean. So she's "the Kiddo" since I always call her Kiddo anyways. The only other thing out there is my first name. Hopefully I'll be okay!

tara said...

Hilarious!! thanks for the laugh...I am mr. wilson...only by choice!!! off to read the 1st article!!

Ms. Bake-it said...

OMG you are cracking me up! Cannot wait to see #3.

~ Tracy

Nancy said...

LOL, fun post! I refer to my husband as "Mr. Nancy" just because I think it's funny. I use our adult children's first names, tho.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Yep, I started out calling my husband "handsome husband", then somewhere along the way, switched to Mr. Twig. So we share a hubby, right?!
Guess that makes him a polygamist, eh?

Funny stuff! :-)


Sydney said...


Robyn said...

YOU. ARE. TOO. CUTE. I'm pretty open...it's scares my sister in law to death I think. I use our real names so she's convinced we are all going to get abducted. My sister used to tease the HECK out of me when I met a Web friend in person,saying it was weird and one day I wouldn't be coming home. THEN she ended up marrying someone she met on the web! HA! They did have friends in common though, so not tooo scary!

fairyrocks said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning.
Just happened in here because I saw you on someones side bar and ....get this...liked your name...'Twig'
My close friends call me 'Willow' BTW...just sayin........okay truth is I made my DH tattoo it on himself as he didn't want to put my name in permanent ink on his body incase his next wife gets upset about things like that.....Kidding really, after I told him the new wife MUST take the children....he realized that that will never happen....LOL Have a great day.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I call my husband Mr.Honey and his friends can't help but tease him about it, but secretly I think my husband finds it quite endearing.

Isabella Kiss said...

I just randomly found your blog. Not to be creepy, but is your name really Twig?!(kinda funny, I am asking you on a post about nicknames on blogs...) If so, that is INCREDIBLY AWESOME...and if not, you're still cool for using it. :)

my name really is isabella kiss...well, that is part of it any way...

Jillayne said...

Very funny and very true - you'll have to do a funny post about all the hoops some make you jump through for the give-aways... that always makes me laugh!

Moxie Maley said...

Funny! Glad to have found your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

Happy Monday!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Loved this! I'm about to turn off this thing and came across your blog on a side bar too. So glad I did. I'll be back to see what other funny and truthful words you have to write.


Southern Queen Bee said...

This is so funny, but true. At first I did not use our names. but after awhile it did not really matter. I still use a nickname for hubby...Camo Man.

Stephanie said...

You are hilarious! I enjoy your blog immensely!

Amber Rose said...

I wanted to call my husband..sexyrockinghotbodyguy, but was not down with it..darn.

Jenny said...

You are really funny. I love how you are getting into this series.