04 December 2009

A surprise.......plus, last full day to enter the giveaway!

What makes you happy?

Is it....flowers? 


Rain on a tin roof?

A good sale on shoes?

Vintage finds in the "free" box at an estate sale?

I really do enjoy all these things...they make me quite happy..


There is one thing that makes me happier than getting all those things in one day.


Oh my.  Puppies. 

Here I am, trying to contain my happiness.

7 little bundles of cuddle were born yesterday...all healthy and beautiful!

How many times have you said "aww" so far?  My jaw hurts from saying it so much.  :)

Lucy is such a good mama.  So protective and sweet.  I'm so happy!

My wonderful, amazing, brave, handsome husband delivered ALL SEVEN!  He came in the door with his latex gloves a'slappin while I had to go back to work!  Apparently, he literally caught two of them.....

He's so much braver than I. 

I called him at one point to ask him how he was doing.  All I heard was:  "I'm a little queasy but its fine."  What a trooper haha. 


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GOOD LUCK!  I can't wait to pick a winner! :)


Jenny said...

Since I am a follower let me be the first to officially add my "awwww" to yours. Nothing like a newborn puppy. They are adorable!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Ooooh they are adorable! I LOVE puppies, and their little puppy breath!!! I want to hold them all and give them puppy kisses! So... BIG puppy kisses new little baby puppies!!! Bisous... Julie Marie PS I have been a follower ever since I found your lovely blog...

~ RM said...

They are SO cute!!! I am such a sucker for puppies! OH my..... Glad someone was there when it happened! I wish I could hold one or two(or three)~ I hope you enjoy every second- it's perfect timing right before Christmas!

Darla said...

and puppy breath like baby breath is the best! Name, click on my link, rusdar at hot mail dot com and I clicked the stalker (followers) button too!!

Vintage Junky said...

so so so cute! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

What perfect little pups....they are so smushy and warm...it is like you can smell that 'new puppy' smell through the keys..and the super soft fur....ahhhhh...yippee for you!!

BookGirl said...

They're adorable. Congratulations!


Teri said...

Love your pictures! Cute puppies. I still like chocolate better.

Brabourne Farm said...

Your puppies are absolutely divine - congratulations! Leigh

Samantha2818 said...

Ooh, congratulations grandma! They are really gorgeous - I'm so jealous. I so love the smell of puppies - well done Lucy! Have you named them yet - you should put this suggestion out on your blog and you may get some really cool names!

Aik said...

I'm a follower.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Aik said...

I have your button.

aikychien at yahoo dot com