15 December 2009


Just a quick inerjectory post here..

Sometimes in life, we need to slow down, re-evaluate and re-arrange some things to make time for ourselves.  Doing this is easier said than done, but Kasey at Lola B's is taking that step.  Which, go her, because like I said, it's not so easy to do.  She has decided to close down her online shop.  You can read about her plan here.

Sometimes I remind myself of Gus Gus, the mouse from Cinderella when he's trying to carry all that cheese...and it takes him the better part of 3 minutes to gather it all up, only to lose it ALL when Lucifer the cat comes to cramp his style.  (Side note:  Pretty sure thats why I didn't like cats for a long time. ) 

So, I'm proud of you Kasey.  You'll breathe so much easier!

Anyway, she is having a giveaway...a special surprise full of "Lola B goodies."  You know its gonna be good.  :)

So you just need to go to her blog, leave a comment -- and for some extra entries, blog and tweet about it.  And maybe say a prayer for her as I know its probably not an easy thing to close a shop that she's worked so hard on.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for the heads up. I went there. Made me sad, though.