24 September 2009

Wants and Needs. And an awesome giveaway...

I want.  I need.  Let me break this down for you....

I want to go home and watch 24, paint unfinished furniture, and decorate for fall.

I need to go home and work out until all the persistent little fat cells in my body run SCREAMING for their lives.....

I want to have discipline enough to run every day after work, to cook a fabulous meal in pearls and a cute apron, and have enough time to whip up a cake from scratch.

I need to have someone there to TAZE me everytime I try to get out of physical activity, to learn how to manage my time wisely, and learn how to be Suzy Homemaker meets Betty Crocker meets Dog the Bounty Hunter hehe. 

Take this picture for example.  She looks so under control, her kids are so well behaved.  She's got a clean apron after making a meticulously iced cake for 3 hours.  The dishes are washed, the floor is swept......I could only wish that would be me....if it were me in that picture, the caption would be as follows.....

"Uhhh...yes, poison control?  I'm pretty sure my kids have salmonella"

Anyways, I don't know why I felt the need to share that but its just a thought running through my head today.  I still haven't cleaned up from the baby shower on SATURDAY.  It is now THURSDAY.  Almost 7 whole days since I cleaned the house.  I'm pretty sure the strawberry lemonade is turning into wine somehow.  I'm pretty sure that was mold I saw on a plate near the sink.  Oh dear. 

In other exciting news,  I just started following a FABULOUS blog...so inspirational and honest and real....and she's having a giveaway for her 300th post!  All you need to do is go here and first, take a look around...fall in love with her blog...and then leave a comment.  :) 

Here's whats up for grabs:

$150.00 Anthropologie gift card (I'm so gunning for this one...I need some fab shoes...)

$100.00 package from her boutique (WELL worth checking out, by the way.  I'm trying to convince my husband that I need a few things from there hehe)

$50.00 Restaurant Gift Card

and a sweet little surprise for another lucky reader. 

Well worth the time to enter!!!

Ladies, I will be attempting to start day 1 of physical activity this afternoon.  Complete with friend who has the tazer charged and ready to go.


Vintage Junky said...

Oh I need a friend with a tazer too... I had a baby over a year ago and those stubborn fat cells are sot only sticking, they are multiplying. Thanks for the inspiration... maybe I could use a shock collar!


a little bit vintage said...

Jana, I must concur with Michelle! LOL! ;) However, since we just found out that baby #2 is on the way, I must hold off on the tazer for a while. ;)