09 December 2010

Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Tree Tutorial

As a new Twig creation, we couldn't resist showing you step-by-step instructions on how to create your own tree!  It's very simple, and can be done for less than $5.00.


-  Tree rounds (If you don't have anyone to cut them from fallen trees, contact your local lumber mill and ask if they have any -- usually they'll have some laying around you can have).

-  Styrofoam cones.  Rae found them at the dollar store.

-   Scissors

-  Hot Glue Gun

-  Sheet music (you can also use old book or dictionary pages if you'd like)


Tear out 10-15 pages of sheet music..

..Fold them in half, cut on the fold..set aside a half sheet for the top of the tree..

..Cut out a triangle from the half page.  This will leave you with three pieces (only 2 pictured here..)..

...Cut the big triangle in half from top to bottom...

..Use your scissors to curl each piece like ribbon on the ends.. 

..Put a strip of hot glue on your styrofoam base, and start staggering sheet music curls around the base..

Continue in layers all the way up...don't make them too even!

..Cut off the pointed edge about 1/2'' down..

..Take your reserved half sheet of paper, and cut it in half again..

..You'll be making a cone to fit on the top of the tree, so run a line of hot glue along an edge of the 1/4 sheet of music..

..Roll one corner to the opposite corner, making a cone..

..Cut the open bottom of the cone to make it even..

..Line the inside of the cone with hot glue..

..Put the cone on the tree, and gently press on all sides to make it stay put..

..Add a few more curled pieces to the top to blend it, and all that's left is the base!

Add some hot glue to the base, plenty so that it sticks..

..Put the tree on top, and let it dry.  You're done!


www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

I LOVE this!!!Thank you so much for showing us how to do it:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Prior said...

what a sweet tree! Lezlee

Unknown said...

Sooo cute! I think I could do this but I just might have to wait untill I get to Lakeside and buy one from you! Maybe I will see you?!

Unknown said...

i love this!

Free Art Printables said...

I love these! I am so going to be copying these!!!!!!

Ticking and Toile said...

very cute!! I am seriously going to give this a try!


time worn interiors said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing, gonna do it today!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

These are so cute!! I just love them! It's such a great idea to use the birch candles as trunks!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

How exciting for me to be blog hopping (great name made me curious) and find your tutorial on making this tree. I group of fellow crafters and I have an ornie exchange on Martin Luther King's birthday (as everyone has off from their "real" job and I am closed on Mon.) - we are too busy before Christmas and can relax and really enjoy each other...I was STUMPED as to what to make this year...but you GAVE ME THE BEST IDEA!!! LOVE THE TREE AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Little Red Shop said...

What a fun project, Jana! Thanks for the scoop!

: )

Julie M.

LouAnn said...

I just love this idea, thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to try this, for 2012. I also have another idea for you. What about recycling the telephone book doing something like this?

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I plan to make this. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Love it! Doing something similar w/ cones. Very time consuming, hope it's worth it. Think I'll try this the next time!

Aravind said...

Well Done!!!

We won 2nd prize in christmas decoration event in my office..


Mark lee said...

This is how to make a singing Christmas with notes LOL

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David More said...

Thank you for sharing all the sheets!

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Steven Take said...

Very cool idea! I love ittt


David More said...

I love this idea! im gonna bookmark this for my future project!

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Michael Born said...

I will create my own version! Thanks for sharing

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