03 December 2010

Jerome, Arizona:: City On a Hill

This was easily the most interesting place we visited on our trip.  Jerome, AZ is an old ghost town that was totally deserted and shut down for 44 years before it slowly began coming alive again in the late 90s.  It's a really eclectic town with a European feel to it.  I've never been to Europe, but I imagine that it would be somewhat the same haha. 

We tried to have lunch in the Jerome Grand Hotel, which was an old mental hospital converted into a hotel and restaurant (aptly named The Asylum) that had so much character and creepiness.  The moment you walked in, the peppermints were displayed in a porcelain bedpan, and the picture of the head surgeon was framed beside it.  Funny thing is, it's the most elegant, expensive, and popular place in town!  The elevators had couches and a grated gate that you pulled shut, it was an experience. 

The wait was close to an hour, so we hiked back down the hill and had burgers at the Mile High Grill.  I would absolutely love to spend an entire day there with endless camera cards and battery life.  Do you have any interesting information on Jerome?  Share it in the comments!

I just have to point out that the last image is SOOC.  I was so happy with those colors!!  Have a wonderful weekend!


a little bit vintage said...

Lovely photos! :) I live in AZ and haven't been to Jerome in a long time...you've inspired me to plan a trip. :) Happy weekend!

Amber Rose said...

Missed ya girl! Glad you had fun in AZ:)

Anonymous said...

Wow... I grew up in Prescott, Arizona, and remember traveling through Jerome as a young girl.... it was indeed like a ghost town. It is neat to see your photos and read your descriptions of the town and see how it once again has life. So funny to hear you say it felt european... not AT ALL how I remembered it!

Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane!


Prior said...

Wow! that first boutique looks so cool with the book sheets hanging in the window! Love all the pics. Lezlee

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love all the pictures!
Sounds like a fun time and the pup, oh my so cute!!!!
I'll have to see where jerome is in relation to havasu...we go out every summer. I think the boys would love it.
Have a great weekend!

erica said...

Perfect day for the Golden Leaf photos - they that glowing color for only a couple of days and then turned orange and were blown of the trees by the next weekend :-)

Aunt Barb said...

I loved Jerome. I was there a few years back. It was towards the end of the tourist season so some of the shops were closed. I did purchase some nice jewelry and a nice piece of art. I recognize The Flat Iron Cafe. In fact, I have a drawing of that corner framed hanging in my hallway. Jerome is definitely a fun place to check out.

Anna said...

Aaaahhh! I grew up in Cottonwood and my Grandma was born and raised in Jerome. My grandfather worked in the smelter there. Did you see the bright turquoise house? That was the house my grandma was raised in (it wasn't turquoise then). I love Jerome, Skyfire is my fave store. Oh so many memories there. My grandma was born in 1920 there and growing up she said that young children would have to be tied to the fence in their yard so they wouldn't tumble down the hill...Hope you enjoyed yourself and plan a trip back!

Shana said...

used to pass through Jerome, sometimes, as our family made our way from LA to Sedona, where my grandparents lived. oddly enough, i don't remember actually stopping there, but this was in the 70's and 80's and not much was happening there at the time. but we'd look out the windows for anything fishy! ;)

your blog, your photos, and ideas are all wonderful! thanks for sharing!