19 May 2009

I am a passerby..half smile as you cut in line..

(Allie Moss - Passerby)

So, what should I have for lunch???

So few choices, and a dwindling appetite (and budget haha)...I guess I don't really care what I eat today!

So the last 2 weeks have been such a blur! 2 weekends ago, I went to the MOA meeting in Great Falls and did some optical education for work, which was actually great. I learned a lot and I'm pretty pumped up to take the test at some point!! I was hoping to do a little antiquing in Great Falls but I didn't have time.

Last weekend, we went to Boise for Cody's (Tanner's brother) graduation and what an awesome drive!! We drove through a canyon that had the most AWESOME little towns! Check out this cute church...

We stopped to sleep in McCall at our timeshare and that was a blast too....such a cozy little condo and the town wasn't half bad either :) I wish we had a little more time to spend there but little did I know, Idaho's Biggest Garage Sale was going on in Boise! haha

We got there at 7 AM and it was already PACKED. Tons of vendors and shoppers of all sorts. I was looking for some stuff for the house, namely a box with some print on it, but the only ones I found were out of my price range and no one was willing to come down. So after paying $3.00 to get in, and .50 for my item, this is all I bought....but i LOVE IT! It is now sitting on my recipe desk in the kitchen :) Oh, and guess who outshopped both me and my mother in law?? Tanner! He bought an office chair for like 5 bucks and a backpack for the same!

After that, we decided to go to a few other local garage sales, and lo and behold, I found my wooden box. For ONE DOLLAR!!! Oh, I was so happy. I also got a cute coffee canister and some alphabet disks for a cute halloween garland this year. I'm set! And I spent less than 10 bucks for it all. Soooo happy.

When we got home, our friend Matt who is leaving for a youth internship on Saturday came to stay with us for a couple days. We went rock climbing yesterday...

Until next time.....adios

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