22 October 2009

How I've missed thee

Well the flu bug finally caught up with me -- I got the stomach part of things.  Not fun at all.  But I'm back!  And I'm oh-so-motivated!  (I better be, I lost a few days to sleeping on the couch, and Taalyr's shower is day after tomorrow! ahhh!)

I've been getting things together for Taa's bridal shower, and I am just so excited.  We went and looked at the facility where she's having it, and, well...let me just give you three words.  Paneling, shag-carpet, popcorn ceiling........


Yep, so the nice place I was envisioning is no more.  I am going to have to shift gears and do some coverin' up.  Sheers, sheets, and white lights to the rescue! haha. 

I happened  to see a blog last week called Princess Lasertron, and she makes *THE* coolest felt flower bouquets.  You should check this out! 

Look at the detail!

So anyway, she sells kits on how to make these -- and you can order off of her site.  I tried my hand at some DIY felt flowers, however.  I should have bought the kit.  haha.  Can I just tell you, I HATE cutting felt?! 

I hate cutting things period.... but felt?  You take the cake.  You take it all.

Anyways, I made about 9 flowers to put around on tables...and they actually turned out pretty cute.  They're really uneven, and the stitching is crazy, but it kinda adds to the character I suppose :)

Tanner and I are also making them a ginormous sign modeled after Layla's at The Lettered Cottage.  You can see her sign here. I think its perfect in layout for their sign.  So here's a really fuzzy phone picture of what it looks like so far. 

And here's what it will look like!

I figure she can use it at the wedding too, and take it home afterward.  Thanks, Layla for the inspiration! :)

Tonight, I'll be out gathering bare branches and bundling them together for the corners of the room.  I'm going to clothespin black and white photos of them onto the branches and add in some white lights.  I hope it turns out cute!

I can't wait to take pictures of all the finished products! :)  We have 2 hours to decorate on Saturday before the shower starts, so I'm sure that we'll be running like mad!!

So thats what has been on my brain for the last week........

Also, I am a huge movie buff, and I LOVE scary movies.  I don't know why!  Ever since I was little, I loved them.  I hate it when I'm watching them though haha.  Anyways, I'm wondering if any of you have seen Paranormal Activity yet.  I really want to see that, and I hear its supposed to be really scary. 

Anyways, I'll leave you with that....I'm sure I'll have more to blog later :)  I've missed you guys!  Thanks for the wonderful comments!


Martha said...

Oh WOW...sounds like it will be so beautiful! Can't wait to see photos...love those felt flower bouquets and the sign...oh my...how wonderful! Glad you are feeling better:)

Vintage Junky said...

That sounds wonderful! Love the branch idea! Those felt flower bouquets remind me of something I tried for centerpieces for our wedding... paper flowers. I bought the kit and lets just say that it didn't go well! Hope you are feeling 100% better!

Tracey said...

The flu has hit our house too...glad you guys are on the mend! The sheers and white lights sound spectacular and I'm sure will make a total transformation! So many wonderful ideas...I can hardly wait to see how it turns out!!!

:) T

a little bit vintage said...

Glad you are feeling better! :) Love the flower bouquets! Great sign too! AND the branch idea sounds awesome!


~ RM said...

Man o man! I was wondering about you! So glad you are feeling better!

I adore the sign idea- Something that will blend in to any room and yet it's perfectly personal. You are too thoughtful! ;)

Anyhoo, glad you are better- Bet you are counting down the days to Halloween now!