13 April 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Well its official...the nicest day of the year so far is today. and Lady Gaga is stuck in my head right now....JUST DANCE!! ugh......

So my weekend was great!!! We went antiquing/thrifting and started a new project in the house! :)

But before that....last Thursday, Tanner and I were sitting in the kitchen at about 9:00 PM and decided to rip our pantry apart :) I came across theletteredcottage.blogspot.com not too long ago, and LOVED her kitchen cabinet idea with the open spaces for baskets and shelving for plates. (As well as everything else on her site! Its so amazing!) Tanner had an idea to make a recipe desk...so we combined the 2 ideas and got to work. The nice thing about it is that we used the shelving from the old pantry to make the cabinets, and some leftover beadboard for the backdrop. I also had a desk I bought at Salvation Army a while ago that fit perfectly for the recipe desk!

The only problem was that we were getting rid of our pantry space...so Tanner decided to put in a broom closet and we use that plus our big lazy suzan for all our canned goods and what not. Very nice! I'll make sure and snap some pictures tonight.

Anways, so this weekend, we ended up going to all the thrift stores here in Kalispell and didn't really have any luck...so we decided to go to Polson! Nothing there....and ok, can we just talk about thrift stores that charge WAY too much?? Really?! haha

One lady told us about a big thrift store in Ronan which is about 10 miles up the road...so off we went. The Vintage Rose is what we found. I...love...that....STORE!!! I could have bought so many things but....oh well :)

I ended up getting this really cute white pitcher, and a retro nut cruncher! (sorry guys haha) but its so cute! I'll snap a picture of it tonight as well. That was such a cute store....tons of little booths, the kind of store you have to go through a few times to see everything :)

Easter was good...low key and good food. :) Well....No pictures on this blog, sorrry. I seem to have misplaced my camera...:S

Talk to ya soon!

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