24 September 2010

Rust & Ruffles Ball

So I thought I'd check in with everyone before the day was done, and show you what Vanessa and I are working on for the Bloggers Ball in October, put on by Come Junk With Us.  It's going to be a blast, and I hope you check out their website for all the details!  Tickets are limited, so make sure and purchase them quick!

Vanessa is going to wear the Vintage Whites dress, and I in the Twig dress.  We've just started cutting up old fabrics and lace, so they're still pretty rough but I couldn't resist showing you some pictures! 

Let me know if you're planning on going to the ball!  See you Monday.


Robyn said...

Those gowns are going to be gorgeous! And the BALL DOES sound like a blast! I'm having a give away for CSN and I'd love for you to stop by!

Anne Marie said...

oh my gosh twig...my heart is totally swooning over these designs...truly!!

did you ever see the ball gown I made for on top of the patisserie I erected in my barn for the sale in May? nothing as great as yours - mine was more couture...but oh my gosh so much fun!

Shell said...

Okay, you gals are inspiring me to whip something up too! Too fun!
Can't wait to see your finished dresses!

I'm making pillows,,,perhaps the lace, muslin and the like will inspire me!

Thanks for sharing!


(Oh my stars, it's only a month away!)

Sarah B said...

So pretty! You guys are going to look wonderful!

Hollie Joy In The Morning said...

Okay, so you all just upped the anty for the Blogger ball=)...can't wait to see you there!

WSU Laura said...

Amber from Tres Birds recommended your blog. I am still laughing from all your blogger entries and the garage selling entry that describes me to a "T". I will be at the ball working for Miss Timi and cannot wait to see you gals all dolled up. I will be the one in the jeans and tiara.