23 April 2010

Guest Post from Kristin of My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!

Hi I’m Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, I am thrilled to be on Jana's blog today! I gave a lot of thought about what I would write about. My readers sure enjoyed the making of my french flared guestroom so I thought I would give a little more insight into our guestroom renovation and how it came to be. I hope you enjoy!



  I have to say I spend months thinking about a room, what I want the room to feel like, what the room needs to accomplish. I glance through magazines and tear out my favorites, I scour all the amazing blogs, Houzz and rate my space for inspiration, I study my favorite designers trends and styles and always keep a file handy to put all my ideas in.  







I would say the hardest part for me is picking the paint color! I could spend hours trying to figure out the perfect color! I have to remind myself it’s paint and I can always paint over it, it’s fixable.







Then I start shopping the house, craigslist, garage sales, thrift stores and the big box stores but not without my coupons. I always try and spend a minimal amount of money by reusing what we already have.








When designing the guestroom I knew I wanted it to be timeless, I didn’t want it to be dated. I wanted my guests to feel at home and comfortable. There is something about white, it's crisp, it's welcoming, it will forever be elegant and I knew it would match up seamlessly with the French flair I was going for. I love the blues and grays paired up with the whites, it gives it such a romantic feel yet so relaxing to the eye.
We needed a desk space in there for my husband so it was important for the room to still by calming for those hectic days at work! Many days he in there at 6am and I won’t see him pop back out till 6 at night. At least he’s in a relaxing environment! I was thrilled when I found the antique desk on craigslist, the hours spent refurbishing it was well worth it!








Accessorizing a room is so important, it's the little touches that can make or break a room!


















Because this was a traditional room with a french flair I knew molding would add to the character to the room, my husband really did a phenomenal job!







Hope you have enjoyed how a room comes together at my house, how about you? Where does your inspiration come from?






If you would like to read up more on the guesroom feel free to click here
I would love to have you come visit me at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and see what else I've been up to! I’m hosting a giveaway for CSN worth $60, you have until Thursday to enter!
Thank you Jana for having me as your guest today, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and find so much inspiration in your blog!
Have a great weekend everyone-







Anonymous said...

What a beautiful room Kristin! Guest post are always so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend! xoxo

KarenSue said...

Hi Kristin, I love your guestroom. The color is perfect. Good job. And because of you I have found a new blog in my Flathead Valley to follow!
So thank you
Enjoy your weekend

Kelley said...

Beautiful!! The room has such a calm, serene feel to it. I would feel really at home here if I was a guest.

Jen said...

What a fabulous room!! I love all the extra touches: the key, the tea set, the mirror above the bed. And the room color?... FABULOUS!! It's oh so pretty.

Martha said...

Beautiful room!!! The paint color is perfect!

Stephanie said...

Love the little touches like the key on the drapes!

Anonymous said...

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