19 January 2010

Instant pick-me-up

So have you ever gone to the site http://www.faceinhole.com/?  You should.  Right now.

Guaranteed to point your day in the right direction...

No matter what mood you're in...

Because lets face it...who doesn't enjoy seeing their husband as Rambo?!

Or this guy....bahahaa

I love my life. 


Martha said...

How funny!!! Yes...definitely a laugh!!

A Sweeter Song said...

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CrowNology said...

Oh oh...
The last pic is of Hacksaw Jim Duggan (I think that is how you spell it...) I was in love with him when I was about 5...I have no idea why but I loved him. I got an action figure of him for Christmas that year.
Actually my taste seems pretty entrenched (minus a minor flirt with Jordan of NKOTB :|) I am now involved with a 6'6" Brawny Carpenter!
For shame!
Thanks for the memory reminder and the laugh!